9 Creative  Uses  For  Label  Makers  You  Will  Want  To  Try  Now

1. Ingredients & Spices

When you’re working with limited space in your kitchen, it often makes more sense to have certain food items stored out in the open. When that happens, I prefer to transfer ingredients and spices into glass containers to make them look a little more display-friendly.

You can tie together your collection of ingredients and spices by labeling them all with the same label maker. It makes it really easy to identify what’s in the jar, plus it’s a very trendy look right now!

2. House Plants

I always toss out the tags that come with plants I buy for my home. And then a few weeks later, I can’t remember what the plant is even called, much less how I’m supposed to take care of it! You can eliminate this problem by using your trusty label maker to label the plant. (You could turn this into a learning experience too, by labeling the plant with its scientific name!)

3. Gift Tags

Use your label maker to make cute and custom gift tags for your holiday gift-giving! Blank gift tags are widely available at craft stores, but you can also find gift tag makers that can punch a gift tag out of any paper you have on hand. (If you don’t usually use gift tags, you can also just slap a label directly onto the gift!)

4. Snack Platters


When you’re serving snacks or hors d’oeuvres on a platter, use your label maker to identify what’s what. It’s a cute and functional detail that’s sure to impress! And if the labels aren’t too sticky, they should peel right off at the end of the night.

5. Place Cards

I’m a complete sucker for place cards, even at our family’s holiday dinners. It’s one of those little details that really makes the occasion special! You can make super simple place cards with the help of your label maker. Just fold a small square of your favorite paper in half, then stick a label with on your guest’s names on one side. It takes about 5 seconds, will look great on your table!

6. Closet Shelves


Closets are hard to keep organized at the best of times, but it’s next to impossible if there’s no system for what should go where. Use your label maker to make it easier! Place labels along the edge of the shelves to identify what should go in each area. This is a helpful addition to any frequently used storage space, like linen closets, pantries, and even fridges.

7. Learn A Language

Use your label maker to help you learn a new language! Look up a list of words for common household items in French, Spanish, or whatever language you want to learn. Then use your label maker to label the items around your house using those terms. Seeing “la salle de bain” on your bathroom door every day will help you learn that term fast!

8. Cords & Cables

Who else has a tangled mess of cords behind their TV? Everyone, probably! You can make that mess more manageable by labeling each cord according to what it’s connected to. Apply these labels near the plug, so you can easily tell which is which when you’re trying to unplug something.

9. Binder Clips


Binder clips can be really useful, but sometimes it’s hard to remember why you clipped all those papers together in the first place! Your label maker can provide a simple solution! Print a small label stating what those papers are, and stick it right on the binder clip.

Needless to say, I am loving this little gadget! My labeling obsession has only just begun!