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8 Organization Hacks For Your Bedroom

If you’re looking into easy ways to organize your room and make it look well put together, then you don’t have to work hard to find them. There are plenty of simple DIY projects and items you can buy ..

  • Date published: 15/10/2018
How I Traveled To 7 Countries While Working Full-Time

When I started this blog, my main goal became showing practical and useful ways that working abroad can enable lots of travel in a financially sustainable way. So when I got to thinking about making o..

  • Date published: 12/10/2018
How To DIY Pun-Kins

With Halloween just three weeks away, most Americans have “PUMPKIN” on the brain. We’re drinking pumpkin flavored lattes, sniffing pumpkin scented candles, and dreaming up ways to incorporate these go..

  • Date published: 29/09/2018
Diy Father’s Day Cards with Washi Tapes

I enjoy making simple, handmade cards for holidays and birthdays. And I have to say that crafting with washi tape is one of the easiest ways to make a cute card. You don’t need loads of fancy stamps o..

  • Date published: 27/09/2018
Quick Shrimp Soup with Kale and Tofu

A super easy, healthy, and hearty one-pot soup that takes no time to make. Serve it with some toasted bread or simply as-is for a light dinner. A big pot of shrimp soup with tofu and kale ..

  • Date published: 25/09/2018
Get Cables Under Control

Many people tell me when they are stressed out, they will turn to organize something. Yes, this is a good way to find it to be a relaxing exercise; and every time I finish a project I feel like I go ..

  • Date published: 21/09/2018
Budget Traveler: How to Plan an Epic Road Trip

We all have the constant struggle – the urge to travel against our ability (or willingness) to shell out the money to do it. As a student, a budget traveler, you feel that struggle even harder, betwee..

  • Date published: 19/09/2018
5 Awesome Ideas to Do With DYMO Labels

Since I got the oldschool DYMO label maker, I became a label crazy guy! All of things in my house have to be organized at once. And for this I bought some conHere is my DYMO labelled shampoo and conta..

  • Date published: 17/09/2018
How To Recycle Shoe Boxes

Keeping your kid’s clutter to a minimum may be a challenge, but this clever DIY project is sure to help! All you’ll need are a few old shoe boxes and a Brother P-touch PT-D200 Label Maker to easily or..

  • Date published: 15/09/2018
Kids Love This: Veggie Bunny Popsicles

This is the season for all things summer. Days are gorgeous and flowers are blooming. It’s also getting warm enough for some cold treats, at least in southern California anyway. Looking for some labe..

  • Date published: 12/09/2018
Why You Need a Label Maker

When you have twins and started preschool, you must feel crazy with personalised stickers. Have you ever thought of a label maker before? And if you had known that it could be making pink labels then ..

  • Date published: 06/09/2018
Japanese Home Organizing Ideas

A label maker is always a wise investment when you want to organize your home. Label everything and put like items together in bins, zipper bags and mason jars...

  • Date published: 03/09/2018