Do you know how to use the label tape correctly?

The label tape has an outstanding identification effect, which can identify various items, including the product's name and number, etc. So that we can find it better, or understand the use of the product and use it intuitively, and apply it to life, office, industry, business, and science. Also, it applies to asset management, document management, field management, etc.

Application Scenarios of Label Tape:

1. Packaging: shipping mark label, postal package, letter packaging, transport goods identification, envelope address label;

2. Electrical equipment: mobile phone internal label, various electrical equipment label, notebook computer label, mechanical and electrical product label, cleaning label;

3. Products: price tag, product description label, shelf label, bar code label, drug label;

4. Management: book label, vehicle inspection label, security label, property label, file label, work permit label, notebook label, factory label;

5. Office: document label, file preservation label, various items and stationery label;

6. Production: raw material identification, processing product identification, finished product label, inventory management label;

7. Chemical industry: paint material identification, packaging identification of gasoline engine oil products and identification of various special solvent products;

8. Jewelry: jewelry tags, tags that are not easy to be pasted on goods, tags outside jewelry boxes;

9. Others: security labels, encryption labels, security labels, parking tickets, expressway toll tickets, important road signs, etc

Usage of Label Tape:

Preliminary prop preparation

Get the label tape and label printer ready. If the printer is a desktop machine, you also need a mobile phone or computer. If the printer is handheld, it is not necessary to boot up to edit and print. The following is a simple illustration of the operation of desktop machine:

1. Install label tape to the printer

Press the button of opening the cover of the printer, and put the label tape in the direction indicated to ensure that the label is straightened and the carbon belt is not slack. If it is slack, following the direction of the arrow on the tape cover to tighten the carbon belt. When placing the label tape, do not allow the carbon belt and label to touch the print head or other parts. After putting in the label tape, replace cover lid of the label printer to turn on the power.

2. Mobile phone or computer connects the label printer, installation of editing software and driver, use printing and editing software for label editing.

3. after editing, click the print button, the label comes out from the printer, the exit will automatically cut the label.

4. Tear off the adhesive on the back of the label and stick the label in the corresponding place.

Matters Needing Attention in Installing Label Tape:

The installation of label tape seems simple, in fact, there are a lot of need to pay attention, if you do not pay enough attention to cause operational errors, light will affect the quality of the finished product, heavy damage to the printer. The specific matters needing attention are as follows:

1. Before installing the label tape, turn the gear several times in the specified direction. After the installation of the label tape, also need to turn a few more turns, to check whether the label tape is right installed, whether the core is running normally, otherwise it is very easy to break the belt.

2. Install the tape in accordance with the correct procedure. If the installation is not reasonable, the tape on both sides of the print head will be reversed, twined and deviated when rotating.

3. Do not print for a long time continuous operation, so as not to affect the life of the printer and label tape.

4. the print head should be maintained regularly, the general use of a month should be removed and clean with 99% alcohol. If printed, patterns appear in different shades, the print head should be checked for wear and tear.

5. Do not use inferior label tape. If the inferior label box and belt are used, the box cover and box body of the inferior label tape will not be tightly combined in the printing process, which may easily cause the driven gear to detach from the original position and not fit the main gear tightly, thus relaxing the belt. Poor quality label ink will flow into the gap of the printing head needle along the pilot hole of the printing needle and solidify, resulting in the printing head out of the needle resistance increase, It is easy to cause the broken needle or the parallel groove of the printing needle to be crushed. In serious cases, the driving chip of the printing needle or the motor of the belt and the driving chip will burn out.