How to Identify the Quality of Label Tape and Store It?

With the advent of industry 4.0 era, label tape, paper roll, photo paper and other identification products are being used more and more widely, and the popularity rate is getting higher and higher. In addition to the choice of well-known brands, how do we change through observation and contact, to identify the quality of the label tape? Generally speaking, the identification of the quality of the tape, mainly from the mold, joint weld and finished product quality of these aspects.

    Identification Method of Label Tape Quality:

  1. Mould

    The precision of the label tape mold determines whether the label parts can operate smoothly. If the cartridge box is not made precisely enough, the overall friction of the belt rotation will be much larger after production. Make the roller in rotation to pull a belt to use more strength, easy to cause the printer stuck, but also in a bad way to shorten the service life of the roller.

  2. Joint Weld

    Observe the joint weld of the label tape. The joint of good tape is flat, thin and narrow, with Small error, very light degree of hardening. It is not easy to stuck when printing. The joint strength is large and the tensile strength is strong. Therefore, when choosing the tape, you should carefully observe the welding seam of its joint.

  3. Finished Product

    Finished products are the most direct way to check the quality of products. Good quality label tape's printing content is clear, clear image, smooth surface, the quality of each label remains consistent. Poor quality label tape easy to appear fuzzy handwriting, insufficient black phenomenon.

  4. Durability

    Durability is also one of the standards to test the quality of the label tape, which includes a variety of factors such as viscosity, friction resistance, resistance to the environment, etc. This may require a long period of use and observation, usually through official data reporting.

    Optimum Temperature:

  1. Using the environment: 5 ℃ to 35 ℃, relative humidity: 45% to 85%;
  2. Store environment: -5 ℃ to 40 ℃, relative humidity: 20% to 85%, store time shall not be more than a year;
  3. Transportation environment: -5 ℃ to 45 ℃, relative humidity: 20% - 85%, transportation time shall not be more than a month.

Note: the temperature here only provides a standard, in general, different types of label tapes with different environmental resistance. However, try not to expose the label tape directly in the sun and humid environment. If the external temperature is too high or too wet, will cause label belt adhesion, which will cause damage to the tape.