How to Solve the Malfunction of Label Tape?

When we use the label printer to print labels, we sometimes encounter the phenomenon of unclear words, among which some are printer problems and some are label tape problems. Thus, in case of printing failure, how can be solved? solved?

Fault 1: The printing is not clear, the printing quality is poor, or there is always a thin line on the printed label.

Possible reasons:

(1) The temperature of the printing head is too low or the printing concentration is too light;

(2) The printing head is not installed correctly;

(3) The maintenance of the printer is not in place, and there are large dust particles on the card surface or inside the machine, causing the printing head to touch the dust particles while punching, scraping the printing head and causing damage to the printing head.


(1) Pay attention to regular cleaning, and keep it clean and tidy;

(2) Remove the foreign matter in the cartridge, take out the label tape and pat it twice, then turn the carbon belt 1 ~ 2 times in the direction of the arrow;

(3) Be careful not to touch the printing head when opening or closing the printer cover;

(4) Do not carry watches, rings and other objects that are easy to touch the printing head when checking the machine to prevent static electricity.

Fault 2: Label belt main driving belt is worn or damaged.

Possible reasons:

This kind of fault is caused by the driver belt using too long time or character chain rubs drive belt.


(1) Adjust the position of the character chain so that it does not rub against the driving belt;

(2) If the label belt has been broken, it is recommended to replace it.

Fault 3: Label belt gets stuck.

Possible reasons:

Label belt is easily entangled in the tape wheel after its edge is pilling, which causes the tape wheel to get stuck and the label belt cannot be normally retracted back to the tape box.


(1) If the label belt is stuck, take the label tape out from the printer first, pull out the part of stuck label belt carefully, and then cut off the distorted belt with scissors;

(2) After straightening the head of the belt, make sure that the label belt has passed through the label guide groove correctly;

(3) Then reinstall the label tape into the printer.

Fault 4: Label belt fracture

Possible reasons:

The tension of the belt is too large, break the suture line or word hammer to break the belt, resulting in the fracture of the label belt.


(1) If the suture line is broken, the broken part can be cut off and reinstalled;

(2) If the word hammer breaks the belt, the label tape shall be replaced.

Fault 5: Label belt half shear cannot work

Possible reasons:

(1) Raw materials are too thick or too hard;

(2) Adjust the cutting knife depth of printer;

(3) Some special materials are not suitable for cutting with the built-in cutter of the printer.


(1) Adjust the depth of the cutting knife, and continuously adjust the cutting knife to a little deeper until it can be cut off;

(2) If you cut through, you need to adjust the cutter more shallow;

(3) Replace half shear with full shear or cut with scissors.

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