Markurlife Flexible ID tape for Brother Label Maker

Brother Flexible ID tape Product Introduction:

brother p touch tape flexible ID label for brother label maker

Cable label is made of special materials, which is softer than ordinary film, adhesive layer with special formula. And outside of the part to print with a layer of transparent protective film, can protect label print fonts from wear and tear, suitable for pasting in the laminated layer surface, such as columnar or curved surface, has a strong resistance to oil.

Brother Flexible ID tape Product Information:

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Brother Flexible ID tape Product Advantages:

      1. Both indoor and outdoor can be used, able to withstand the test of the environment, such as humidity, high temperature, ultraviolet light, with the same or longer service life as the identified facilities;
      2. Good tear resistance and chemical solvent resistance;
      3. The contents of the logo are clearly visible, easy to read, durable to paste and meet the requirements of the environment;
      4. Accurate record, timely update, easy access and visualization of documents;
      5. A variety of colors are available. Different colors can be realized and adapt to different application requirements and distinguish the line grade or use.

Brother Flexible ID tape Usage Steps:

brother p-touch tape flexible ID label for brother label maker Usage Steps
      1. Prepare equipment: prepare cable label tape and label printer;
      2. Equipment Installation: open the upper cover of the label printer and put the label tape into the label printer as instructed;
      3. Edit content: edit the content with the label printer editing interface, modify the border style, insert text, image, etc., and adjust the font size and width;
      4. Print label: confirm the content is correct and click the print button;
      5. Tear the label: tear off a layer of release paper behind the label;
      6. Paste label: completely wrap the label on the cable and roll it once. The minimum length at the overlapping cover of the label is recommended to be 5mm.

Brother Flexible ID tape Application:

Cable label, in the way of winding and flag to identify all kinds of cables, optical cables, wiring equipment, end contacts, grounding devices, laying pipelines and other curved or column-like surface, widely used in telecom industry, industry, construction, household wiring management, etc.

Brother Flexible ID tape Application Scenario:

brother p touch tape flexible ID label Application Scenariobrother p touch tape flexible ID label Application Scenario