Proper Use and Maintenance of Label Tape

Grasp the correct use and maintenance of label tape and label printer, not only can improve the quality of printing, but also can increase the life of the label tape.

1. Install Label Tape as Instructed

Because the label tape is packed in the bag, you need to make sure whether the protective film is warped when you take it out. If it is warped, it needs to be smoothed, otherwise it may be rolled into the printer roller and cause the stuck.

Then, according to the instructions of installation, the carbon belt should be rewound 1 to 2 times in accordance with the direction of the arrowhead, The carbon belt is in a tight and straight state to avoid cutting off and locking the carbon belt because it is too loose.

Remember to put the product into the printer, the cartridge should be placed vertically, not tilted left and right, otherwise the belt at the exit may scratch the printer.

2. Clean the Print Head Frequently

Long-term use of the label maker, the ink and dirt of tape will block the printer pinhole, increasing the resistance of the printer during printing. This is easy to cause the printer's printing needle breakage. Therefore, the general printer in use after 3 months should consider cleaning, if the use of high frequency of printer, in use after 1 month to consider cleaning.

3. Choose to Use High-Quality Cartridge

Because the high-quality label tape technology is more refined, the raw material quality is good, the printed label content is clear, strong environmental resistance; However, the low quality label tape and printer have poor matching, high failure rate and low yield. Thus, we should choose to use the label tape of high quality commonly, check strictly before using.

4. Avoid Long Time Printing

If it is used for too long time, the print head will be more likely to absorb impurities than usual due to the high temperature effect for a long time. Resulting in the print head block and stuck, and the high temperature will also have an impact on the printed content. You need to pay attention to the use of cartridge time. At the same time, once you find that phenomenon above, you should consider suspending the work of the printer.

5. Learn to "Do Surgery" For the cartridge

If we encounter the printer tape stuck in the process of use, and it is caused by the deformation of label tape, we can first cut out the part with "holes" in the tape, then straighten it out and reinstall it.

6. Avoid Sudden Shutdown Or Power Off During Printing

When the label maker is printing, if a power failure or sudden shutdown, will cause the printer needle can’t be timely retracted. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid forcibly shutting down the printer before the end of printing. In addition, it is possible to connect the printer power supply to the power socket provided by the stable voltage power supply (UPS) to prevent sudden power failure.