canvas tote pt 1 supplies

Video Sew-A-Long: Part 1: Canvas Tote Bag: Supplies

Welcome to Part One of this Six-Part Video Sew A Long where we will make a great Canvas Tote Bag with Faux Leather trim together!
This large and stylish canvas tote with faux leather trim is a great bag for carrying magazines, a tablet, and so much more. Take it to the beach, on vacation or to the office.

This week we will discuss materials and supplies. Cut your pieces and join me back here next Friday ready to go as we begin to sew!

Finished Tote Size: 19” wide by 16” tall


Angela uses the ST371HD Strong & Tough Sewing Machine to construct her bag.
Feet used in this Sew-A-Long: Plastic Non-stick foot, basic Zig Zag foot for straight stitching.

Materials & Supplies:

Sewing Supplies:

  • #14 denim jean sewing machine needle
  • One spool of universal polyester thread
  • Pins and fabric clips
  • Fabric marking pen or tailors chalk
  • Quilters ruler
  • Scissors
  • Measuring gauge or measuring tape
  • (Optional: Rotary cutter and mat)

Fabrics Requirements:

  • 1 yard of canvas or heavy duty outdoor fabric for outside of bag
  • 1 yard of cotton for lining
  • 1/2 yard of faux leather or vinyl for bag bottom and trim
  • Two yards of webbing for shoulder straps

Download this handy Materials List to take with you shopping and to your cutting table to prepare!

Pieces you need to cut:

Bag Body:

  • One piece 20” x 36” canvas fabric

Lining & Pockets:

  • One piece 20” x 36” cotton fabric (lining)
  • One piece 11” x 8”** canvas fabric (outside pocket)
  • One pieces 11” x 8”** cotton fabric (outside pocket lining)
  • One piece 20” by 24”
  • One piece 20” by 30” (for a deeper pocket)

Shoulder Straps:

  • Two 1 yard shoulder straps from the webbing

Faux Leather or Vinyl

  • One piece 1” by 11” for the outside pocket
  • One piece 1” by 42” for the top of the bag
  • One piece 20” by 32” for the bottom of the bag

**NOTE: You can design your outside pocket to be any size. I have designed mine to hole my cellphone, so the final measurements are 11” by 8”.