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Special gifts deserve a special gift tag! Create a combination design using the Free Design of the Month, lettering from Brother software or built into your machine, and this bonus In-the-Hoop gift tag design download. The added pocket on the back of the tag is ideal for inserting a gift card or a heartfelt greeting. The tag featured here has a holiday theme but you could customize this for many occasions with a custom greeting or an alternative embroidery design. See the included option for making your own custom embellished ribbon for a fun way to trim your finished gift tag!

Materials and Supplies:

  • Brother Sewing and Embroidery Machine with 4-inch hoop capability
  • Brother Free Design of the month
  • SA540 Brother Medium Weight Tear-Away Stabilizer
  • Brother embroidery thread and bobbin thread
  • Low tack tape for temporarily securing pieces
  • Embroidery needle for embroidering
  • Two pieces of ribbon measuring approximately ½-inch wide X 4-8-inches long
Note: This project features custom ribbon made using the P-touch embellish ribbon and tape printer by Brother. Featured ribbon is Gold Print on white satin variety, TZe-R234.

Please see instructions for more details

  • Stiffened craft felt for Gift Tag:
  • One piece of measuring 4 ½-inches square for front
  • One piece measuring 3-inches square for back pocket

Steps to Create Gift Tag

  1. Tightly hoop a piece of Tear-Away Stabilizer in the 4-inch hoop. Download the following designs and transfer them both to your machine:
  • DownloadFree Design of the Month: Holly_with_Flower.pes
  • DownloadBonus Design: Gift_Tag_ITH.pes

Free Design of the Month: Holly_with_Flower.pes

Bonus Design: Gift_Tag_ITH.pes

  1. Assemble your supplies, including decorative ribbon, printed or pre-purchased. See Figure #2
Figure #2
  • Custom ribbon shown below was printed using the P-touch embellish ribbon and tape printer by Brother. You’ll find a large menu of options built right into this portable machine, allowing you to personalize and customize craft projects with your own sentiments. With this machine, it’s easy and fun to print ribbon for the ultimate embellished addition to your special creations!

  1. Use Edit mode capabilities to create a combination design as follows:
  • Open gift tag design first. Add the Holly_with_Flower motif. Add lettering to fit within the tag, adjusting the position of your lettering and the motif making sure everything fits within the pocket outline of the tag and below star at the top. It is likely that you’ll need to use the smallest font size and adjust spacing of letters to fit. Font style shown here is Calgary. See Figure #3.
Figure #3
Note: If Edit mode is not available on your machine you will need to create the tag in steps, using your trial key to check the pattern position of each design to make sure you have proper alignment for each added motif and programmed lettering. Review your manual for details.
Tip: Create a tag with longer lines of lettering by rotating the string of letters, or by eliminating the motif altogether in favor of additional lettering. See below:

  1. Place the 4 ½-inch square in the center of the hoop and tape in place along the outer edges of the square. Note that the tape color is slightly enhanced to show more prominently in these photos. See Figure #4.
Figure #4
Tip: Tape all four sides with part of the tape touching the sides of the hoop for a more secure hold. Felt can slide against the stabilizer and move easily if it is not securely taped in place. Always generously tape items for in-the-hoop style designs and experiment with various low tack tapes to see what works best. Transparent, breathable and perforated plastic medical tape works well for this type of project. Remember that tape needs to hold securely but be easily removed without leaving residue.
  • Stitch design in the following order to create the tag:
  • Skip forward in the design, bypassing the pocket outline and the star, and advancing to the decorative frame. Stitch the decorative frame. Stitch the Holly_with_Flower motif. Stitch the added lettering. See Figure #5.
Figure #5
  1. Remove tape and carefully turn the hoop over to the back side without disturbing the piece in the hoop. Place the 3-inch square pocket piece over the back, having the piece cover the bottom and three sides of the decorative frame. Securely tape the outer edges of the piece in place, with tape very close to the edge to keep from interfering with stitching. See Figure #6.
Figure #6
  1. Replace hoop on machine. Now, stitch the pocket outline, the first color in the original design. Remove hoop from the machine. Again, carefully turn the hoop over to the back side without disturbing the pieces in the hoop. Tape ribbons in a crisscross fashion at the top center of the tag. See Figure #7a.
Figure #7a
  1. Next, stitch the star. Note that star for anchoring ribbon stitches just below the decorative frame. Check to make sure you are not hiding any of the lettering on your custom ribbon before stitching. Remove hoop from machine. See Figure #7b.
Figure #7b
  1. Embroidery is now complete. See Figure #8.
Figure #8
  1. To finish, remove tag from hoop. Remove tape and gently pull away all visible tear-away stabilizer. Trim threads if necessary. Use scissors to carefully trim around the tag, leaving a ¼-inch margin beyond the decorative frame. Cut ends of ribbon at an angle. You are finished! Enjoy!

Options and Ideas:

  • Change the designs and wording to use for any other gift giving occasion you choose!
  • Stiffened felt is available in a variety of colors. Have fun using different combinations.
  • You can easily change the name on the tag and make multiples of these at once.
  • Form a loop with one piece of decorative ribbon to use as a hanging tag.
  • The pocket on the back is sized just right for a gift card.

See Figure #9 for an example of the front and back of a second tag.
Figure #9
Figure #9

Happy Holidays!