designing reverse applique design center

I can hardly sew up any garment without some form of embellishment, including my favorite A-line skirt! THE Dream Machine has a built-in embroidery design center called My Design Center, that is great for creating your own unique embroidery designs. You will be amazed at the possibilities! Let’s get started.


THE Dream Machine® Innov-ís XV8500D/THE Dream Machine® 2 Innov-ís XV8550D


  • My Design Center


  • 2 different fabrics – one for the outer fabric and one for the under fabric
  • Embroidery thread
  • Sharp scissors

I will be using my skirt pattern for this project, but you can use any pattern. This would also be a great embellishment for pillows, bags, and other home dec accessories!

  1. Cut each pattern pieces out of both the outer and under fabrics.

  1. Mark the placement for the embellishing with a fabric marking pen or tailors chalk (I shown the marked side with a finished side so you can get a better idea of what to mark).

  1. Hoop both layers of fabric. Note that my fabric is a medium-weight cotton-linen blend, so I don’t need to use any embroidery stabilizer. If your fabric is lightweight or has a stretch, use an embroidery stabilizer such as a medium weight, fusible cut-away.

Here is the stabilizer I would use: SA5931 Stabilizer Roll, medium weight, fusible cut-away

  1. Open My Design Center.

  1. Click on the SHAPE icon. Choose the CIRCLE icon.

  1. The circle shows up on the screen, but it’s quite large. At least for my skirt design.