diy yoga mat bag carrier

Hello! Laura here from Trash to Couture and I’m excited to share this DIY Yoga Mat Bag with you! Summertime is my favorite time of year for getting outdoors. I love hitting the trails and local parks around my town. Post run, I take time to cool down by doing yoga and stretching. As of recent, my yoga mat was becoming smashed in the car by the endless piles of groceries, strollers, and kids so I decided my next sewing project was going to be a yoga mat bag. That way I could hang it up, free up my hands, and protect it. It’s actually simple to make a yoga mat carrier and it’s also a great option as a mat for park days and picnics. Follow the steps below to sew your own yoga mat bag.


  • 32 x 18 in. for main and liner
  • 40 x 5 in. Strip of fabric or cording for strap
  • 32 x 1.5 in. Strip of fabric or cording for drawstring
  • Bottom circle with a 3.5 in. radius for both main and liner
  • Loop turner

DIY Tutorial:

  • Cut out your pattern pieces referring to the above measurements. Seam allowance is 5/8″ unless stated otherwise.

  • Fold all your pieces except the circular bottoms and sew right sides together.

  • The liner you will need to leave a 3 ” opening at midpoint to flip right sides out.

  • Fold the drawstring strip right sides together and edge stitch.

  • Press your seam allowance flat on the main and liner fabric.

  • Use a loop turner to flip the straps and drawstring right sides out.

  • Press the strap flat so the middle seam is in the middle.

  • Pin the strap with right sides facing in between the tube of the exterior and the bottom exterior. I aligned the strap with the seam. Sew all the way around.

  • Sew the bottom on the liner as well.

  • Pulled out it should look like this for the main fabric.

  • Continuing with the strap. Flip the edge slightly inside and press into place.

  • Pin the strap at the midpoint (seam) of the exterior tube about 4 inches down from the top edge.

  • Top stitch a square and then an X in the middle. It should look like this when done.

  • Next, mark 1 1/4 ” down from the raw edge of the exterior fabric in the middle (opposite the seam). Create 2 button holes that will fit your strip 1/4 ” apart. The top of the button holes should start at the line you marked. Open the button holes with a seam ripper.

  • Insert the main piece into the liner so right sides are facing. Pin the top raw edges together.

  • Sew all the way around.

  • Flip the yoga mat right side out through the hole we left in the liner.

  • Then flip the liner in as well.

  • Now we will want to make a casing for the drawstring.  Pin the top portion down. Edge stitch along the top edge. Then top stitch about 1″ down (or just below the button holes).

  • Once done it should look like this.

  • Use a safety pin to weave the drawstring/cording through the casing from one side to the other.

  • That’s it! You can now sew your own custom yoga mat bag in no time.