doll dress pattern

I’ve been wanting to make a doll pattern to cut on my ScanNCut for a while now and is this ever exciting! No cutting tiny little doll pattern pieces… just let the ScanNCut do it for you!! I’ve also got a coordinating girls dress over on Life Sew Savory today so you can make an adorable matching outfit for your little one and her doll.

Want to make this cute doll dress? You can make it Christmas themed like I did, or for anytime of the year. You will need:

  • Knit Fabric ½ Yard – you won’t need all this but you need the width for the circle skirt.
  • You will need a fabric with stretch for the dress.
  • .svg file to import to ScanNCut
  • 14” baby doll (also works for an 18” doll, but the skirt will be shorter – knee length)
  • ScanNCut with High Tack Adhesive Fabric Support Sheets
  • Brother Innov-ís NS1750D
  • Brother CV3440
  • Doll Dress Pattern by Life Sew Savory for BrotherSews Blog page 1 .svg
  • Doll Dress Pattern by Life Sew Savory for BrotherSews Blog page 2 .svg

Okay, let’s get cutting!

  • You will print file 1 and cut the circle skirt with double folded fabric. You will need scissors for this as it’s so many layers to cut. Page 2 of the file should be uploaded into your ScanNCut editor. It’s a .svg file you can import with that button. There is no text on the page so it can be a clean cut.
  • Prepare your cutting mat with the high tack adhesive sheet on top, then lay out your fabric and smooth. Do not stretch the fabric, just smooth out wrinkles.

  • Load mat as usual and cut the file that you uploaded to your editor.

  • You should have a dress front, two sleeves and 2 backs.

  • Cut the skirt with scissors on a double fold from the sale fabric or a coordinating one. You will also need to cut the bindings as directed on the file 1. The binding is for the back, sleeves and neck.

  • Sew the shoulder seams together, with right sides touching.

  • Fold the binding in half and sew to the neckline. Stretch slightly as you sew.

  • Top-stitch neckline as desired.

  • Add binding to ends of sleeves.

  • Pin and sew sleeves to shoulders of dress bodice.

  • With right sides together sew the sleeves and side seam.

  • Try dress top on doll, if the back overlaps a bit you can just fold back1/2 inch to create a facing. If there is no overlap, sew on binding to both sides of back. Add a few small pieces of hook and loop closure to each side.

  • Close the back and pin the circle skirt to the dress top. Sew around the circle to join.

  • Hem the circle skirt to finish.

Now you have an adorable doll dress!! AND you didn’t have to cut the tiny pattern pieces.. The ScanNCut did all the hard work. I can’t wait to explore more ways to cut fabric with the ScanNCut. Want to make a coordinating dress for your little girl? Find the matching free dress pattern for sizes 2T-10Y on Life Sew Savory.