halloween leggings costume

I try to keep Halloween costumes as simple as possible while still being cute. These Halloween leggings make simple costumes AND give you leggings to wear again after Halloween is over.

There are so many fun costumes that can be made with leggings as a base, so let’s sew up some quick and easy leggings with the Brother Simplicity SB 3734 and the Brother Cover Stitch CV3440. These two machines make sewing with knits a breeze and fast too. For this project, you can use your favorite leggings pattern. Prepare the pattern for the size you want. My pattern is high-waisted so if you want it lower you can trim the pattern as desired.

This fabric was really fun {but also a little pricey} I only bought a 1/2 yard so I’ll also show you how to add cuffs to your leggings to save fabric. Cut your fabric as to the size needed. If short on length, cut cuffs to fill in the length gap. The cuffs will be the width of the legging bottoms and twice and long so you can fold it over. If you aren’t adding cuffs, just cut the pattern as directed and skip down.

Fold the cuffs in half with wrong side of fabric together and sew to bottom of leggings. My Brother Serger makes sewing this stretchy fabric a snap.

Lay the legging pieces on top of each other with right sides together and sew the front and back crotch seam.

Open up the leggings and sew the inseam from bottom of one leg to the other side.

Because of the cuff you will have a unfinished serger seam on the bottoms of the cuffs. I like to finish by using a needle to pull the threads back through the other stitches. Trim and add a drop of fray stopping glue if you want.

Measure your child’s low waist and cut 1″ wide elastic the same length as that measurement. Overlap 1/2″ of the elastic ends and sew in a circle. Divide the elastic in fourths and also divide the leggings in fourths. Match the marks and pin the elastic on the right side of the leggings.

Sew around the top of the leggings catching the elastic and the fabric. Do not cut the elastic if you are sewing with your serger. Fold the elastic to the inside of the leggings and pin.

You can add your tag before you sew and catch it in the seam.

I used my Brother Cover Stitch to sew around on the right side of the leggings to enclose the elastic. You will have to stretch the fabric slightly to avoid puckers.

If you didn’t cuff the leggings, hem them now with your cover stitch machine. So cute right?

My daughter is going to be a butterfly this Halloween {or fairy, whatever she feels like on the day!} We picked up a cheap pair of wings and paired it with a colorful tank… makes for a simple costumes and leggings she can wear again this fall. I’m sure you can think of many many more costume ideas. Happy Halloween Sewing!