How do you Ptouch: The Garage Edition

Markurlife tze-631 compatible for brother ptouch tape garage organization

Pictured here is a great example of an organized work space. Using the TZe631 (click the photo to view these labels) 1/2 inch laminated black on yellow label tape, you can see the various tools, boxes, and equipment that is displayed. When trying to get the garage organized, boards such as the one featured here are a great surface to label and can provide a neat hanging space for virtually anything. These labels are waterproof and indoor/outdoor so don't be afraid to label all of your tools, regardless of their purpose. You can use any tool box or even a plastic tackle box can be re-purposed to a safe haven for any nut, bolt, or screw! A pro tip for when you are getting organized: try printing all of your labels out as one continuous label with two spaces between them and then cut them with scissors. It's a way around the excess margins of label tape being used.

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To those who have been sending us their ideas and ideas they want us to try - thank you! We will try our best to make sure everyone gets a spotlight on their awesome organized creativity.