How do you Ptouch? Garden Beginnings

April is here and so is spring! Finally. This week on the blog were showing you how to get a head start on your organized garden!?
One of my favorite things in the summer are fresh fruit and vegetables from the garden. Something about growing your own food just makes it taste better.?
To get a head start this season, I went to Lowes and purchased a 72 Cell starter kit. Below is a photo of the kit from Lowes, just click the photo to shop! This included the small pods, a lid, and everything needed to provide your favorite seeds with an indoor home to get them sprouting.?

how do you ptouch garden beginnings

This kit was super easy to use and once you add the seeds and water you're basically done. Typically I use plant markers in the garden to easily distinguish between the various vegetables. These markers are water proof and available by packages of 50 in various colors! However, while the indoor greenhouse is quite small and only temporary until things start sprouting I find toothpicks to be the best way to keep your rows organized. Pictured below is the AZe231, this is a 1/2 inch black on white laminated tape that is great for the outdoors in a wet garden or in a green house! These are just $6.99, so you can label as much as you want with no label remorse. To get this look because the labels are sticky on the back I wrapped the label around the toothpick and stuck it to itself to create a nice flag label. You could also try sticking paper to the back of the label or using a piece of tape.?

how do you ptouch garden beginnings
When deciding what vegetables to prioritize and start inside, I try to look at the fail rate (watermelons are NOT my strong-suit) and the total time it takes from plant to harvest. In this case I chose my watermelons to give myself a trail and error period, and the onions because they take longer than the average vegetable to harvest. Click the photo to shop the AZe231 for just $8.49?

Good luck to all of our gardeners out there! Send us your photos of your labeled garden or how you use your labels in the summer time to [email protected] for a chance to get featured and win FREE TAPES!?