How do you Ptouch? The Classroom Edition (Part 1)

On todays blog we're going to share with you a fun classroom that we got organized for 16?kindergartners! There was a lot to focus on so we're going to split this segment into two blogs. To start we are showing you a quick and easy way to save label tape and money while getting organized. Then we're showing you a smart way to keep track of your books, and a fun way to keep kids happy and focused at school.?

We're going to start with a very commonly asked question "How do I get smaller margins at the end of my labels? I'm wasting a lot of tape". Unfortunately even when adjusting to the smallest margin there always seems to be excess tape, why? The tape cutter! Inside each of your label makers is an internal blade the label needs to pass in order to get cut. This automatic cutter is the reason for a lot of that wasted tape, so when printing a large quantity of labels, like for this classroom I like to use a little "cheat".?

how do you ptouch the classroom edition part 1

When printing large quantities of labels, try printing them all in a row with at least two spaces between each word. Then either type the word repeatedly or simply?copy and paste the word as many times as needed.?

how do you ptouch the classroom edition part 1?

Once you have printed out your long label, carefully cut between each word. As you can see your margins on each label will be much smaller than if you were to print them individually.?

The TZe/Lme labels are laminated, indoor/outdoor, water resistant, and extremely easy to print. With all of that being said its obvious why these are a great way to keep track of your classroom objects! This week we're focusing on a big one: books! Reading is one of greatest things about school, especially in Kindergarten when you're just learning.??

how do you ptouch the classroom edition part 1

In this classroom we wanted a label that was durable, bright, neat, and not easily removed. These labels are a result of the trick above, just by cutting between each label.?

how do you ptouch the classroom edition part 1

We put the same label in the upper left corner of each book, it makes it easy to find your name when it's in the same spot?on every book. This label is easy to spot and tricky to remove off of paper.?

Miss Nickerson had such a beautiful classroom, it was everything you'd want a kindergarten classroom to be. It was organized, creative, inspiring, thought provoking, and most of all: welcoming. She had a classroom filled with love and lots of fun unique touches to draw you in. Below was one of my favorite additions in her room, some "Cranky Cream" for when students are feeling a bit down.?

Thank you Miss Nickerson for letting us label and take photos of your awesome room!?