Japanese Home Organizing Ideas


1. Organize Your Drunk Drawer Using Bins, Plastic Bags and Labels.

Japanese Home Organizing Ideas

A label maker is always a wise investment when you want to organize your home.

Label everything and put like items together in bins, zipper bags and mason jars.

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2. Items Such as Shower Caddies and Magazine Holders Have Multiple Uses.

Japanese Home Organizing Ideas


Shower caddies can be hung on your cabinet doors to store spices and other items.

You can also use magazine/file holders to store and organize pots and pans.


3. Install a Tension Rod Under the Cabinet for Bottle Storage.

Japanese Home Organizing Ideas


A simple tension rod can be install under your kitchen or bathroom cabinet to store

bottles and other items. You can also use simple plastic bins to store other supplies.


4. Use a Towel Rack to Organize Cleaning Tools and Supplies.

Japanese Home Organizing Ideas


Hang your cleaning tools and supplies using S-hooks on a towel rack to allow for easy

storage and accessibility.

5. Make a Rolling Cabinet to Store Tools and Hardware.

Japanese Home Organizing Ideas

A rolling storage created for the garage saves spaces and makes it easier to move around

when needed.


6. Hang Pots and Pans on Kitchen Back Splash.

Japanese Home Organizing Ideas


The kitchen back splash is often unused space that you can maximize for extra storage of

your pots, pans and kitchen utensils.


7. Use Bins and Hang Items in Your Utility Closet. Organize broom closet with simple items.

Japanese Home Organizing Ideas


Hanging items allow for more floor space in your utility/broom closet when needed.


8. Hang Kitchen Utensils on Cupboard Doors.

Japanese Home Organizing Ideas


Your favorite kitchen tools will always be organized and within reach if you hang

them inside your cabinet doors.


9. Use Tension Bars to Store Pot And Pan Lids.

Japanese Home Organizing Ideas


Create additional storage space for your pots and pans by installing tension rods

in the upper half of your cabinets.


10. Place Shoes In A Cabinet Making Sure To Use The Space Behind The Doors.

Japanese Home Organizing Ideas


For ease of access, place shoes in a cabinet and use the back of the door for more storage space.


11. Organize And Label Credit Cards Using Card Holders.

Japanese Home Organizing Ideas


Use simple card holders to organize your most frequently used credit cards by limitations and

what they should be strictly used for.


12. Keep Your Bedroom Closet Organized Using Monochrome Boxes With Labels.

Japanese Home Organizing Ideas


Use like colored storage boxes and labeling stickers to keep your closet looking neat and organized.

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13. Create Storage On Your Kitchen Back Splash Without Damaging The Wall. 

Japanese Home Organizing Ideas

Install tension rods and a simple wire grid to add additional storage space to your kitchen back

splash without damaging the wall.


14. Use Magazine Holders To Store And Organize Plates And Dishes.

Japanese Home Organizing Ideas

This is a simple way to neatly keep your dishes together with stacking dishes and increasing

the chance for more accidents, instead use magazine dividers to store dishes and prevent damage.


15. Use A Basket To Hide Power Strip And Store Other Items.

Japanese Home Organizing Ideas

Clear your bathroom counter by hiding a power strip inside of a decorative basket and use

to store your grooming tools and other bathroom essentials.


I hope you enjoyed this wonderful round up of home organizing ideas from Japan! As always, Happy Cleaning!