jewelry mat project

I was playing around with metallic thread and satin fabric and ended up with a fabulous mat to hold my jewelry! I could think of other uses for this as well, not to mention it would make an awesome gift! You can make the mat any size you like, but I am going to stick with what will fit into a 5” by 7” embroidery frame.


  • 2 pieces of satin fabric cut 10″ by 8” or cut for whatever hoop size you choose to use
  • 7” by 5” hoop
  • 1 piece of thin batting cut the same size as the satin fabric
  • Brother Metallic thread
  • Bobbin thread to match the fabric color
  • 1 yard of decorative fringe
  • Universal sewing thread
  • Quilters ruler
  • Rotary cutter and mat
  • 1” seam binding (double folded bias tape will work too)

Machines Used:

  • Embroidery: THE Dream Machine with Premium Pack 1 upgrade or THE Dream Machine 2
  • Sewing: PQ1500
    1. With the right side of the fabric facing out and batting in between the satin layers, hoop all three pieces.

    1. Click on Embroidery and thread the machine with Brother metallic thread.

    1. Go into the My Design Center and click on the SHAPE icon.

    1. Click on the HOOP icon.

    1. Choose the 7” X 5” hoop size (of course you can make your mat as large or small as you want, so feel free to choose a different size