loose weave fabric for applique in the hoop

I usually use a tight weave fabric such as Batik for my applique in the hoop designs. The batik fabric trims well, and can handle the needle punching. In this design, I selected a set of fabric selections that could support an Indian Pottery design. This lead me to fabric with a much looser weave than batik. I learned right away that trimming a loose weave fabric causes much more fabric fraying. This fraying had in some cases caused the applique fabric to pull away from the Tack Down Stitches and Cover Stitches. I then decided to put a paper covered adhesive on the back side of each of the fabrics. I used an adhesive which just adds more stability to the fabric without making it feel heavy.

  • The first step is to cut the paper covered adhesive to the dimensions provided for each applique shape. On the paper side, write down the applique number. Cut the applique fabric approximately ¼” larger than the paper covered adhesive. Press the paper covered adhesive on the back side of the fabric.

  • Once the Placement Stitch for the given applique stitch is completed, remove the paper backing from the adhesive and place it on top of the Placement Stitches. Secure the applique fabric with the Tack Down Stitch.

  • Remove the hoop from the embroidery unit, place on flat surface and Trim the excess applique fabric. Notice that the adhesive minimizes the amount of fabric fraying.

  • I recommend using a craft iron to press the applique fabric with the adhesive to secure it and minimize bubbling or puckering of the applique fabric.

This is the Zia block from Bountiful Blessings 1 design which will be available from Anna’s Awesome Applique Designs.