moving the frame function

As I learn more about how to use the Entrepreneur Pro PR1000e 10-needle embroidery machine for applique, I discovered a feature that makes it easier to see the Placement stitches. This is helpful to make sure that the Applique fabric is fully covering the Placement stitches, as well as trimming the Applique fabric after the Tack Down Stitch. Below is how I used the Moving the Frame Function when stitching out the “American Frog” appliqué design on the 10-needle. The Applique design will stop after the Placement Stitch so that the Applique fabric can be placed on top of the Placement stitches. It may be difficult to see the full Placement Stitches within the Frame.

  • Move the Frame to expose all the Placement Stitches by using the Needle Bar / Frame move key icon on the lower right corner of the screen.

  • At the next screen click on the Frame move key icon in the center of the screen below the needle position numbers. A Message will display to let you know the carriage will move.

  • Click on the OK icon. The Frame will move out and the Placement Stitches will be accessible.

  • Place the Applique fabric on top of the Placement stitches.

  • Continue with the stitch out to Tack Down the Applique fabric.

  • Use the same steps above to move the frame and TRIM the Applique Fabric.

  • Continue with the stitch out of the Frog.

  • Keep the design in the hoop and remove Tear away stabilizer from back side of design. Clip and remove the basting stitches.

  • All done!