stabilizer how to embroidering a baby bodysuit

It is so fun to have a new baby join the family! Yes, I am a new Auntie! A quick customized gift is in order, so how about an embroidered bodysuit?

The little guy came a few weeks early, so a preemie size it is. This bodysuit is so small, it will be a challenge to hoop and have enough room for the embroidered name. Instead, I will float the garment on top of the hoop.

Supplies Needed:

  • Brother embroidery machine (I am using THE Dream Machine®)
  • Embroidery Thread
  • Bobbin Weight Embroidery Thread
  • SA5906 Pacesetter® lightweight adhesive-backed water soluble stabilizer
  • Fusible interfacing
  • Baby bodysuit

Preparing Your Hoop & Stabilizer

  1. Cut stabilizer 1” wider than the hoop.

  1. Hoop the stabilizer with the paper side up and score the paper. Pull back the paper to reveal the sticky surface.

Adding the Bodysuit

  1. Place one side of the bodysuit onto the sticky stabilizer.

  1. Press down on the fabric to make sure it lays flat.

Setting Up the Monogram

  1. Choose a lettering for the monogram.

  1. Click on the capital letter icon and choose the first letter. At the bottom of the screen there are options for large, medium, and small. As you change through each one, the letter size on the screen will change to replicate the size you have chosen.

  1. Click on lower case lettering and insert the rest of the letters in the name.

  1. Next, I am going to scan in the fabric.

Now I can change the size of the lettering and move the name around as needed.

  1. I am still not sure what color to embroider the letters. I can click on different colors and the color will show up on the screen with the fabric I scanned in.

  1. I think I like the grey the best.

Embroidery Time!

  1. Time to sit back and watch the embroidery in action!


  1. Remove the hoop from the machine and cut away the stabilizer. Be careful not to cut into the fabric.

  1. Rinse away the stabilizer with warm water. I am going to save my sister some time and wash the entire outfit. After the outfit is dry I will add a narrow strip of fusible interfacing to the back of the monogram to cover the thread. It’s just a little softer on the baby’s skin.

That’s it! I saved the finished embroidery design into THE Dream Machine® so I can quickly embroider a few more. Join us on the social side, I would love to see what you are working on! Don’t forget to use hashtags #brothersews #angelawolf so we can find you.

Until next time, happy sewing & embroidering!