video simply applique exporting fcm file

Simply Appliqué™ Software – Exporting a FCM File

Attention Embroiderers: Here’s the software you’ve been waiting for! Now you can make superb custom appliqués from a huge selection of exceptional designs and creative options.

Even better, you’ll love the way Simply Appliqué™ fully integrates with ScanNCut/ScanNCut2 so you can easily cut out your appliqués with ultimate precision. You will be able to cut your appliqué shapes with your ScanNCut/ScanNCut2 rather than trimming the appliqués by hand as you sew!

In this video, learn how to export an appliqué from Simply Appliqué™ as a FCM file so you may use it in your ScanNCut machine.

Learn about features including:

  • Selecting an appliqué
  • Converting the artwork file into a FCM
  • Selecting the FCM file from ScanNCut Canvas
  • Transfer the file wirelessly from Canvas to your ScanNCut machine if it is wirelessly enabled
  • Saving the file as an embroidery design
  • Saving the file as an editable file for future edits
  • Cutting out the appliqué on your ScanNCut
  • Appliquéing your design

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You don’t need a ScanNCut home and hobby cutting machine to use this software, but you’ll love this option to precision cut your appliqués. It makes cutting appliqués simple.

Products in this video

  • Simply Appliqué™
  • ScanNCut
  • THE Dream Machine® Innov-ís XV8500D

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