What is the Label Tape?

Markurlife Brother Label Tape Series

Label tape is a special printing consumable for label printer. Its component is composed of protective film, carbon belt, adhesive film, base band film, color base film and peel layer. When printing, hundreds of hot spots on the printing head will heat the solid dye on the color belt to melt. After melting, the dye will transfer to the surface layer of the substrate film and transfer the carbon belt to the label paper by means of heat transfer printing.

Characteristics of label tape:

The experiment has proved that the Markurlife label with good quality has the characteristics of wear-resistant, not easy to tear off in different environments, at the same time has the characteristics of friction resistance, corrosion resistance, fading resistance, high and low temperature resistance, waterproof and oil-proof and so on.

Characteristics of label tape

Functional features:

1. Water resistance and chemical resistance

Put our label in various liquids for 24 hours, such as water, alcohol, isopropanol, oil, etc., the label will not damage, still firmly attached to the surface.

2. Wear resistance

Markurlife’s label with 1kg of sand paper to do 50 round trip friction test, although there are slight scratches on the surface of the label, but did not affect the writing under the lamination.

3. Easy to peel off

The label tape adopts special pressure-sensitive design, which has a strong adhesive design on any surface and no residual glue after peeling.

4. High and low temperature resistance

Make the label sticks to the stainless steel surface to conduct temperature tolerance test, label at minus 30 ℃ environment for 2 hours and no change, high temperature 120 ℃ can last 10 hours without change.

5. Not easy to fade

Put Markurlife label on the metal surface, close to 80 ℃ high temperature

fading to induce in the laboratory, indoor simulations for different climate environment at the same time, make the label affected by sunlight, rain and ultraviolet (uv). more than ten thousand times repeated testing, only yellow ones generate large fade changes, other labels showed good stability in various environments.

Label Tape Functional features   Label Tape Functional features

Application features:

1. You can print anytime and anywhere, convenient and fast;

2. You can design according to personal interests, It is easy to operate, beautiful and long lasting;

3. It is widely used in power, telecommunications, office, industry, commerce, scientific research, family and other fields.

Label Tape Application features   Label Tape Application features